Princess Kate wore a green Burberry pantsuit to visit a textile factory

One of the funniest things about the Princess of Wales’ attempts to copy her sister-in-law’s fashion, jewelry, hair and vibe is that Kate inevitably sets herself up to be on the wrong side of the “competition.” Meghan always wore it better, Meghan always looked more pulled-together, Meghan always looked more regal and beautiful. Kate also tries to put her own keen stink on Meghan’s style, which makes it even funnier. It’s like Kate is going for “Meghan, but with more buttons and everything looks dated and ugly.”

Well, guess who was out and about today in a pantsuit? You guessed it. Kate never even dreamt of wearing actual trousers before 2017. Kate had never even heard of pantsuits. But here she is, wearing a green Burberry pantsuit which looks like a thriftstore find from the 1970s. Janky wig aloft, Kate went to a textile factory once linked to someone in her family, generations ago. After seeing photos of Meghan looking amazing in chunky yellow-gold earrings this past weekend, Kate decided to give it a try too. The necklace looks new as well, something based on one of Meghan’s favorite bracelets. Kate’s Meghan Moodboard has been working overtime. Button Watch: her blazer has ten buttons.

You can read more about Kate’s event here. She seemed subdued in most photos. Maybe she’s just exhausted, she’s never worked this much in September before.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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