Tory Lanez's New Prison Had Multiple Inmates Murdered within This Year

tory lanez mug shot

Tory Lanez is officially on the inside … ensconced at the prison where he’ll likely spend the next 10 years, and the facility is no cakewalk, as multiple murders have happened there just this year.

North Kern State Prison in Delano, California houses around 4,000 inmates, and recently became the focus of local news media after a vicious crime within its walls.

Reports say convicted serial killer Ramon Escobar was recently charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing his cellmate, 53-year-old Juan Villanueva back in February.

Villanueva was locked up for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Additionally, on July 4, 25-year-old Ricardo Saldivar was found dead in his cell, and officials with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are now investigating his death as a homicide.

Juan Villanueva Ricardo Saldivar

There’s also violence with inmates and correctional officers … just this month a former inmate and convicted sex offender was found guilty in connection to a 2020 incident where he was accused of attacking a pair of staffers.

The facility is fitted with an electric fence around the perimeter … but several inmates have reportedly been able to escape over the years.

As we first reported, Tory will have the opportunity to keep busy and out of trouble with skilled and unskilled labor jobs that pay anywhere from $.08 and $.30 an hour.

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