Royalist: The next time Prince William will speak to Harry will be their fathers funeral

In the first excerpts of Omid Scobie’s Endgame, Scobie writes that multiple sources within Prince William’s camp have told him for years that William despises Harry, that William still believes Harry and Meghan “blindsided the family” with the Sussexit (which is a lie) and that William often bitches and whines about the Sussexes “oh so California” self-importance. In addition to all of that, Scobie’s sources say that wannabe mental-health advocate William believes Harry has been “brainwashed by an army of therapists.” All of this reporting on William’s “perspective” rang true to me because sources truly have been saying similar things for years now. Whenever Harry and Meghan do anything, “sources close to William” furiously stomp their feet and, with an incandescent rage, tell everyone far and wide that William loathes his brother for going to therapy, living in America, having a hot wife and making his own money. The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes has reported that perspective for years now. And wouldn’t you know, Sykes has an update:

William’s friends confirm everything Scobie reports is accurate: Friends of Prince William were quick to confirm the accuracy of Scobie’s insights to The Daily Beast. “He absolutely f–king hates him,” one old friend of William’s said, succinctly, when asked about the status of his relationship with Harry. The why is no mystery to William’s circle and can be simply summed up by one word: betrayal. “Harry sold his family out to the media for millions of dollars, and William can’t forgive that breach of trust,” the friend said.

But Charles is genuine in his attempts to reconcile: A friend of the king told The Daily Beast that there was nothing cynical about Charles’ wish to build bridges with his son, and that he would be “delighted” about the renewal of contact with Harry. But the friend also said they doubted William would be minded to follow his father’s example, saying: “Charles has kept the door open to Harry. He has been very explicit about that, saying he loves him. That’s what parents do. William doesn’t have the same forgiving attitude. That dynamic is not unique in family arguments.”

William will only see Harry at their father’s funeral: A second friend of William’s, who used also to be friendly with Harry but has not had contact with him since Harry left the country, told The Daily Beast that there was “zero prospect” of a rapprochement between the two, and that they believed the next time they would meet would be at a family funeral. “There are some relatives whose deaths would bring Harry and William together under one roof but other than that, realistically it’s probably Charles’ funeral. And if things stay as they are, which is basically mutual loathing, you would have to say William would be unlikely to invite Harry to his coronation.”

Why William is still so incandescent: Asked for the specific reasons why William has developed a “loathing” of the brother he was once so close to, this friend also cited “betrayal.” They said: “I think it’s exactly because the bond was so deep that the betrayal has been so wounding. They were the only people who actually knew what each other had been through. How would you feel if your best friend decided to reveal all your personal secrets to the newspapers? Well, multiply that by a thousand. Harry is never going to apologize, at least not while he is married to Meghan, and William is never going to apologize either. So that’s that.” Asked if Scobie’s book was likely to worsen relations, the friend said: “No, but only because you can’t get lower than absolute zero.”

[From The Daily Beast]

At some point, hopefully soon, larger questions will be asked of both Charles and William and what their attitudes about Harry say about their leadership and family. William was incandescent with rage long before Harry “sold his family out to the media for millions of dollars.” In fact, the whole “incandescent with rage” story came from a report in January 2020, when Harry and Meghan were simply trying to exit the institution. This is the root of William’s violent rage towards Harry – William can’t control Harry, can’t boss him around, can’t bully him. William has been seething with contempt for Harry because… Harry left. Harry decided his wife and son were more important to him than service to an abusive family (and even then, he offered to continue to serve part-time). Of course, William’s violent abuse of Harry predates the Sussexit, but that also was about control and about… Meghan.

As for “William will see Harry at their father’s funeral” – it’s chilling. William is a f–ing psycho, but I’ve known that for a while. Ten bucks says that William will actually throw a tantrum about not wanting to invite Harry to their father’s funeral.

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