Princess Charlene reportedly lives in Switzerland & only sees Albert for events

Throughout the past year, I’ve remarked on the fact that Princess Charlene seems almost happy these days. She has Resting Sadface, for sure, but she seems relatively content with her situation, especially following her hospitalization and treatment in Switzerland in 2021-early 2022. Now, do I believe that Charlene and Albert have a healthy or loving marriage? No. I don’t, but I’ve assumed that they’ve worked out some kind of arrangement over the past 18 months, one which pleases Charlene and gives her some kind of peace. Back in March, Charlene and Albert formally denied that they had separated… but new European reporting suggests that they are living separate lives and it’s totally fine with them.

Princess Charlene of Monaco is ‘living in Switzerland’ and only sees her husband Prince Albert for ceremonial reasons, reports in German and French media have claimed. The royal, 45, has spent the summer of a yacht trip with her 65-year-old husband and their twins Jacques and Gabriella, eight. But she has not returned to the Palace and is living in abroad, fuelling speculation about the state of the marriage.

A source close to the couple told French newspaper Voici that the former Olympic swimmer and son of Grace Kelly are just a ‘ceremonial couple’.

The report adds that Charlene has promised to return to Monaco on official occasions and is now allowed to see her children more often. Albert and Charlène are now good partners, take turns taking care of the children,’ a source added to German newspaper Bild.

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t know, this sounds reasonable to me? Like, I totally believe that Charlene spends much of the year away from Albert, either at the “summer home” or in Switzerland. But she returns to Monaco for events and they’ve worked out some kind of lowkey custodial arrangement with their kids. This whole three-year episode with Charlene has been such a question mark, but she’s come out of it looking healthy and happy – whatever arrangement they have, it’s working.

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