Pregnant Lucy Watson cruelly mum-shamed over unborn baby’s diet

Lucy Watson has become the latest celebrity to face mum-shaming on social media, despite having only announced her "miracle" pregnancy a couple of weeks ago.

The former Made in Chelsea star, 32, announced she was pregnant with her first child with her husband James Dunmore at the end of September and has already been attacked by mum-shamers on Instagram.

During an Instagram, Q&A Lucy revealed she will be raising her child as a vegan after a fan asked: "How is like being vegan and pregnant? Will you raise your baby vegan?"

To which the mum-to-be replied: "So many questions about veganism, whether I’m still vegan ect… for me veganism is a promise I made to the animals, one I will never break. No matter what.

Lucy then discussed her diet further, before adding: "And yes, our baby will be vegan."

This decision has led to some social media users to express concern for the unborn baby, with some suggesting that they will be "malnourished."

One wrote: "Surely the kid should get to choose?" while another added: "This really is not a good idea… yes they can choose when they're older but as babies and toddlers they need as much of a varied diet as possible."

"Remember that Australian couple who went to jail cos they had their kid on a strict vegan diet and it was malnourished…? Perhaps rethink your plan Lucy Watson" argued another.

According to the NHS, it is safe to raise a child as a vegan or vegetarian, provided they are fed a wide variety of food to provide the energy and vitamins they need for growth.

However, problems may arise when the infant is under the age of one if the mother needs to either stop breastfeeding or is unable to do so, as there are no vegan formulas currently on the UK market that are considered safe for infants.

Katy Malkin, 35, a Volunteering Coordinator for the Vegan Society, who is also raising her children as vegan, told OK!: "Like every parent, I'd never raise my child in a way that I thought could even possibly cause them harm.

"I made sure and other parents like Lucy should make sure to look up the topic. The NHS and the British Dietetic Association both agree that a well-planned vegan diet can support healthy people and that does include children and pregnant people, the whole spectrum.

"I'd advise people like Lucy or anyone else considering raising their kids as vegan to do that research and make the decision that's right for you and your family."

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