People: Princess Charlotte is super protective of her little brother

Princess Charlotte is only 8 years old. There’s already too much focus on this child, from “which royal she looks like” to “whether Charlotte is Kate’s ‘fashion rival’” to “Charlotte will help her brother when he’s king!” It’s a lot to put on a little girl – competition with her mother, competition with her brothers, already designated to a supporting role in two separate kingships. Now they’re saying that this 8 year old is also the protective big sister to Louis.

Princess Charlotte is a doting big sister to Prince Louis. On Friday, 5-year-old Louis made his debut at mom Kate Middleton’s annual Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey. With Prince George, 10, and Charlotte, 8, by his side to guide him, Louis appeared unfazed by the 1,500 or so guests as he confidently made his way inside the historic venue, where he held a lit candle as part of the festive service.

“It’s so sweet seeing the three of them together and particularly Charlotte being super protective of her little brother,” Sophie Mirman, founder of the British childrenswear brand Trotters, tells PEOPLE exclusively, adding that Louis “looked so grown up” in the brand’s “little pea coat and Chelsea boots.”

Charlotte and Louis have always shared a special closeness. In a photo released by William and Kate for Charlotte’s third birthday, she’s pictured cradling a baby Louis in her lap and placing a sweet kiss on her sleeping brother’s head.

These days, Louis loves to copy Charlotte’s every move. In 2021, Prince William revealed that the family of five loves to play music in the morning and the kids dance around the house. “Charlotte, particularly, is running around the kitchen in her dresses and ballet stuff and everything,” the proud dad said. “She goes completely crazy with Louis following her around trying to do the same thing.”

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It’s disturbing that they’re putting this narrative forward about Charlotte supporting George as future king and protecting Louis. Her roles are already laid out for her and it’s much too similar to Harry’s experience as the spare. Add to that, she has to compete with her mother, at least that’s what the Times said outright. I feel sorry for Charlotte. She truly is “the spare,” isn’t she?

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