Olly Murs is ready for kids weeks after festival-style wedding

He’s only been married for two months, but Olly Murs has exclusively revealed that he’s already got babies on the brain.

The Troublemaker singer, 39, tied the knot with bodybuilder Amelia Tank, 31, in a gorgeous ceremony on Osea Island in Essex. And it sounds like we’ll be hearing the patter of tiny feet sooner rather than later.

“I’m not sure I’m going to go for six kids, but of course I’d love to have children,” he told us at the recent National Television Awards.

The couple, who met at the gym in 2019, threw a three-day wedding event on the exclusive island – which they reportedly hired for more than £35,000 per night – complete with fairground rides and a music festival.

“Married life has been lovely,” Olly says. “I haven’t been around much, really, because I’ve been touring, so it’s nice to be home."

He continued, “I ended the tour in Plymouth, so I had a chance to see Amelia and her family [who are from there]. I said to my team I wanted to end the tour there because the album was about her and this year’s been about us and our marriage, so let’s finish it there.”

Olly’s been a busy boy of late. As well as his tour, he recently performed at Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s ‘Marchella’ housewarming extravaganza, which celebrated the couple finally moving into their £3.5 million Essex mansion.

The Voice UK judge says pal Mark, who was a guest at the wedding, used his Essex charm to persuade him to perform – despite the glam event clashing with a gig.

“He’s a cheeky little bugger because basically I was on tour and he said, ‘Murs, mate, you know I love you, you’re my brother, and I know you’ve got a show that night, but is there any chance you can come to my house and do a gig for me?’” Olly says. “And Michelle said, ‘We’d love you to come.’

“So I literally jumped on my tour bus and we drove to his house in Essex and then I had to go from there to Plymouth overnight – honestly!”

Other performers at the bash included comedian Russell Kane and Mark’s sister Jess Wright, who delivered a stellar version of her dance track Dance All Night – not that Mark is likely to remember, Olly jokes.

“I don’t even think he remembers me being there,” he says. “Ask him, ‘Did Olly Murs do a gig at your house?’ because he won’t remember.

“Everyone was so drunk and, to be fair, I actually told him, the great thing about doing a gig at midnight is no one will remember in the morning.”

Aside from the hectic tour schedule, Olly says the best thing about his life right now is being a married man. “I can’t describe it, but when you meet the right one and you’re in love and you get married and you have that special day together – you become one,” he says.

“I feel really happy. Without sounding cheesy, it’s just lovely and special.”

Despite being in a love bubble, there’s one particular part he’s not impressed with – and that’s having to wear his wedding ring.

“I keep touching it,” he says. “I’ve never worn jewellery in my life, so it’s really hard for me. I’ve never worn watches or anything – I just don’t like jewellery on me – but the ring is really important. I was very excited about having it, but it feels a bit odd at times.”

2024 will mark 15 years since Olly shot to fame on The X Factor. Despite finishing as runner-up, he’s gone on to become one of the country’s most successful male solo artists and now uses his experience in the music industry to help coach the next round of hopefuls on The Voice UK, in the same way Simon Cowell – who he describes as a “genius” – mentored him.

Simon, 63, spoke recently about his battles with depression and how therapy had a “super positive effect” on him and it’s something Olly relates to.

“It’s great that someone like Simon is speaking about it,” says Olly. “He’s someone I’ve always looked up to because of what he’s done and what he’s achieved. Therapy is so important. I don’t think it’s something anyone should shy away from.”

Wise words indeed, Olly.

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