Neo-confederate folk hero Oliver Anthony proclaims love for Americas racial diversity

Maybe you have to be too online to “get” why this story is so funny, but I’ll try to explain it. This ginger man is Oliver Anthony. A few weeks ago, he and his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” were trending all over social media. The whole thing was bought and paid for by right-wing groups who were astroturfing their new conservative folk hero, someone who would sing the kinds of songs they want, songs about welfare queens and how white men can’t catch a break in this country. Here’s the song:

As I said, this song was artificially amplified and boosted by conservative media, and there was a rush to declare Anthony their new guy, despite widespread mockery of his message:

Country music 2023:
Another boy has fudge
Tell Congress to act

— Sam Knight (@samknight1) August 14, 2023

— Nude Gingrich (@JarJarFan69) August 14, 2023

Well, it worked – “Rich Men North of Richmond” debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week and every QAnon-adjacent is breathless and delirious about it. The fact that Anthony also has a racist conspiracist history is a feature, not a bug, and apparently he was pretty active in the 9/11 conspiracy community. He is the white supremacist folk hero of their dreams, correct? Well, funny story:

— Devon Stack (@Black_Pilled) August 22, 2023

Please, this is so funny. The guy playacting a racist hillbilly for profit is like “America’s best asset is our racial diversity” and what happens now? I don’t think it actually matters to his “fans.” Some of them will be mad that he’s not as racist as them, but the conservative campaign marches on.

— Cecil (@Capricoda) August 22, 2023

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