Migrant Malibu Boat Actually Landed Near Gloria Allred's Home, Regular Occurrence

A boat full of migrants washed ashore in Malibu last week — and we’ve learned their landing spot ended up being closer to Gloria Allred‘s place … plus, turns out, this is the norm!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the boat in question from last Tuesday — where at least two dozen migrants scrambled on the beach upon touching down on land — was much closer to Allred’s home (like right next to, in fact) than it was Barbra Streisand‘s … something that was initially reported by other outlets.

What’s more, our sources say this is not a new event in the Malibu area. Empty boats and remnants are found every 2 to 3 months, we’re told … but the “human cargo” — as it was put to us — is almost always gone before it’s reported.

Our law enforcement sources tell us … if any undocumented migrants are found on land, they’re detained until Homeland Security takes custody of them. However, last week, they got away before the Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene.

This comes after footage shared by FOX News’ Bill Melugin showed what appeared to be a panga boat washing ashore off the coast of Malibu … with what he describes as “illegal” migrants.

A day later, reports of yet another panga boat surfaced off the coast of Malibu as well — but according to a local Los Angeles media, that one sunk, and nobody was found … only debris and life jackets.

TMZ reached out to Gloria … we’re told she had no comment.

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