Its apparently toxic misogyny to mildly criticize Princess Kates laziness

For years, for decades really, the Windsors and the British media have been in lockstep in their cruelty, if not outright sadism. The torment they put Diana through, the torment they put Meghan through, it’s all baked into the system. The institution gleefully partnered with the media to destroy Meghan before our eyes, then the same institution tries to gaslight us into believing that we didn’t really see that they were laughing as they called Meghan a sociopath and a degree wife as she grappled with suicidal ideation. Well, here’s something even funnier: apparently Omid Scobie’s mild criticism of Princess Kate’s part-time busywork is a bridge too far. It is unspeakably malicious (!!) to even mention the fact that Kate does f–k all. Rebecca English was tasked with writing a messy Mail piece about how the palace is “reeling” from Scobie’s “vitriol.” The poor, innocent palace, who never did anything wrong! The Windsors are cloaked in purity and positivity, you guys.

Becky’s hot take: “Perhaps [Scobie] should have paid more attention to the better-known saying: ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, say nothing at all.’ For that, in a nutshell, is the fatal failing of his vitriolic new royal tome, Endgame, the sheer malice of which has left Palace staff reeling.

Toxic nastiness! “Even the most ardent royalist accepts that we are no longer living in an age of unquestioning reverence. The monarchy must prove its worth and relevance every day. But the toxic nastiness of Scobie’s book, the oozing bile that seeps from almost every sentence and the pantomime nature of its supposed villains (from King Charles and Queen Camilla, to the Prince and Princess of Wales, their staff – and even me!) leaves readers feeling quite grubby with the utter spitefulness of it all.

The palace is shocked!! “The shock in palace circles this week, as the true nature of the book began to emerge, has been palpable. They were expecting a hatchet job, of course, given the author’s well-known sympathies, but not one as viciously and aggressively one-sided as this. ‘I think everyone is shocked at the malice and the deliberate cruelty of what he has written, not to mention the misogyny of much of what he says,’ a source tells me. ‘That’s particularly breathtaking from someone who also makes such an effort to tell us what a high-minded person he is, operating above what he depicts as the incestuous fray of run-of-the-mill royal reporting.’

Is this misogyny?? Among the claims of misogyny Scobie has faced is that the Princess of Wales is ‘technically a part-time working royal’ because of her determination to also be a hands-on mum and describing her rather patronisingly as the monarchy’s ‘last shiny thing for many years to come’.

[From The Daily Mail]

A palace source also claimed that Endgame is “littered with errors.” While I saw one or two errors (wrong months/dates), the truth is, if the book was littered with errors, that would be the main line of attack from the palace – they would be fact-checking like a motherf–ker, running to the Mail with their receipts of “no, it happened this way, here’s the proof!” The Mail would happily carry their water too. Instead, the palace is assuming an air of unearned grievance, like Endgame isn’t a detailed and well-researched tome of their cruelty, their poor management, their blind privilege, their racism, their bigotry, their inability to problem-solve their way out of a wet paper bag. Apparently, it’s “misogyny” to mildly criticize Kate’s nonexistent work ethic too. But it’s not misogynistic for Queen Camilla to have lunch with a man who wrote about wanting to strip Meghan naked and throw excrement at her.

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