I'm A Celeb's Josie Gibson, Nigel Farage and Nella Rose take on trial

I’m A Celebrity FIRST LOOK: Josie Gibson, Nigel Farage and Nella Rose join forces in tough opening challenge to help their fellow campmates while stranded in the Australian outback

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They may not have had to jump out of planes or walk planks like their I’m A Celeb co-stars will, but here Nigel Farage and Josie Gibson swelter in the Australian outback’s red desert.

Along with TikTok sensation Nella Rose, the pair took part in their first challenge – stranded 2000 miles away from their co-stars.

The trio came face to face for the first time ok Thursday after being segregated from one another since they arrived in Australia at the weekend.

They were left isolated in the scorching heat as they battled to win time for their fellow camp mates who are taking part in other challenges such as jumping out of planes and walking tall planks.

The trio will be seen being put through their paces on Sunday night as they take part in a series of challenges.

Kicking things off! Photos from the launch episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, show Josie Gibson, Nigel Farage and Nella Rose joining forces to take on the first challenge

Isolated: The trio will be dropped into the middle of the Australian outback to face various challenges to help their fellow campmates back on the Gold Coast (Josie pictured)

Farage, 58, was dressed in his trademark chinos and a salmon pink shirt despite his friends offering to dress him in something ‘a little more tendy.’

Ms Gibson, 38, sweltered in a denim jumpsuit, while Nella wore a two-piece number.

It is expected that social media guru Nella and right wing political Farage will come to blows in the jungle over their differing views on society.

The outspoken pair – both popular with Generation Z on TikTok – have opposing views when it comes to politics, with viewers predicting one of the biggest feuds ever on the ITV show.

Fans have told of their excitement at the two coming to blows on social media.

One wrote: ‘Nella Rose and Nigel Farage interacting is going to be CRAZY,’ while another comment reads: ‘I never watch I’m a celeb but I’m watching it this year just for this.’

Another fan wrote: ‘Nella and Nigel living together, this is going to be so funny, she’s gonna destroy him lol.’

‘Sitting back to watch, this is going to be interesting,’ added another.

Challenge: Josie, Nigel and Nella (pictured) must complete the trials in order to win time for the other celebrities, taking on their own challenges 2000 miles away

Determined: They each must give it their all to give their campmates the best chance to win stars and therefore food for camp

Farage, 58, has a long history of campaigning for Brexit and anti-immigration laws while Nella herself immigrated to the UK from Belgium at the age of seven and is of Congolese descent.

The YouTube sensation rose to fame when she began posting videos on the platform with her friends discussing topics such as ‘Growing up in an African household’ and ‘Things girls do that boys don’t like’.

Her charisma has earned her 750,000 YouTube subscribers with 81 million views and close to 1 million Instagram followers alongside hosting MTV’s show Catfish among other high-profile hosting gigs.

Set to attract a younger audience, the beauty content creator will be a clear favourite as countless fans on TikTok are flooding I’m a Celebrity videos with cries of ‘Nella Rose for the win’.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has drummed up his own set of followers on the social media app – popular among Generation Z – with many hailing him the ‘Goat’.

However, these pictures show no sign of a rift – yet.

Fireworks! The introduction of Nigel (pictured) and Nella has been eagerly-anticipated by fans, who are predicting the pair will clash, potentially creating one of the biggest feuds ever on the ITV show

Potential clash: Nella’s political views are the complete opposite of those of co-star Nigel, the former politician, who is known for his right-wing views on immigration and gender pay gaps

Joining them in the jungle this year are the likes of Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears, restaurant critic Grace Dent, JLS singer Marvin Humes and EastEnders actress Danielle Harold.

With the start of the new series just days away, fans were treated to a behind the scenes look at the show earlier this week.

The Daily Mail revealed that the jungle has expanded this year to include a private gossiping area, the highest trial in Australia and an even bigger menu of gruesome animal organs.

Celebrities will consume the likes of pig testicles and deer blood and will have to eat more than one disgusting dish on the menu if they wish to win awards. 

The camp is also a lot smaller than it appears on screens at home and the beds are cramped and basic.

Cannot wait! Fans are anticipating ‘chaos’ between Nella and Nigel as they come face to face in the jungle, and took to Twitter to voice their excitement for Nella to ‘end him’

Tough: The images show that celebs will be forced to sleep on hammocks, clean out the toilet, and dodge venomous snakes and spiders while taking on gruelling trials

Camp: Keeping clean won’t be easy either, as celebrities will need to use a water wheel to generate running water to wash in a dirty bathtub

Fun: Kiosk Kev is also back and was pictured in his new Kev’s Wallaby Whips Van

The water pool where the celebs swim to cool off which is reportedly infested with Yabbies – an Australian crustacean around eight inches long from the crayfish family.

Yabbies have been around for more than 200 years, but a new feature sits next to the watering hole – a built in platform overlooking the pool equipped with a bench – perfect for a bit of harmless gossiping between disgruntled campmates.

ITV bosses decided to add the decking to allow a literal platform for stars to whinge with one another – allowing audiences further insight into relationship dynamics – though they assure this year there will be no romantic relationships.

For heavy smokers such as Nigel – who puffs at least ten a day – lone cigarette breaks are taken off-screen in a private area and achieved by asking a crew member.

ITV supply packs of the smoker’s preferred brand to have on hand but for vapers it’s a different story as in Australia you must hold a nicotine licence in order to vape in the country.

I’m A Celebrity 2023: Meet the campmates


Claim to fame: Former leader of the UK Independence Party  and leader of the Brexit Party.

Phobias: Nobody likes rats, snakes and I am dreading anything to do with heights.

Biggest misconception you want to dispel?: I have been demonised over the years and so it will be nice to show people I am not nasty. 

Role in camp: Lead on starting up plenty of campfire discussions. 

Aside from your family, what will you miss the most whilst in camp?: A pint in the pub and the news. 

Best & worst attributes: I hope to cheer people up when they are down. Worst? I am impatient and I do snore. 

Dream camper: As a controversial political media figure, I never name names… But I am looking forward to meeting interesting people from all different fields 


Claim to fame: EastEnders actress.

Phobias: Rats. I hate them! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle?: I can be a little ditzy at times but I am definitely not a ‘dumb blonde’. I want to show I can do the trials, challenges and get stuck in. 

Role in camp: Shoulder to cry on, help others if they are feeling low in camp. 

Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp?: Snacking. I am a little muncher and I am going to miss my morning cup of tea, too! 

Best & worst attributes: I’d like to think I will be good if people are really struggling. I am not, however, very good at being bored, nor am I a morning person either. 

Dream camper: Ed Sheeran. If he brings his guitar into camp, he can sing for us.


Claim to fame: First Dates star.

Phobias: I am scared of everything. I am dying to find out how vile the food will be! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle?: I don’t think there is anything but I am looking forward to learning more about myself during my time in the camp. 

Role in camp: I will definitely muck in with all the jobs. I don’t mind cooking or cleaning the toilets. 

Aside from your family, what will you miss the most whilst in camp? My bed. It’s super comfy. I will also miss a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Best & worst attributes: I like to have fun but I do snore and I am impatient! 

Dream camper: It’s going to be nice to meet everyone but I’d love to see Dolly Parton, The Rock or Snoop Dog in there.


Claim to fame: YouTuber and Catfish UK star. 

Phobias: I am fearful of everything! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle? I am a pretty open book. 

Role in camp: Keep the morale and humour high.

 Aside from your family, what will you miss the most whilst in camp? My phone… I am always on it! 

Dream camper: Alison Hammond or Adele. 


Claim to fame: Hollyoaks star. 

Phobias: I am a bit scared of the dark. When you go to the House of Horrors at Halloween and things jump out at you, I am not very good when I can’t see! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: It will be nice to go in as me and not as my Hollyoaks character. 

Role in camp: Grafter or chef, I am quite good at cooking. But I’ve never cooked on a fire before. Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp: Football and my creature comforts. 

Best & worst attributes: I’d like to think I am a nice person and a good team player. I am not lazy but I do have a few bad habits like picking my nose. My girlfriend has been trying to train me to stop! 

Dream camper: Sir Alex Ferguson or Neil Warnock. 


Claim to fame: Zoey 101 and Sweet Magnolias star.

 Phobias: I am scared of everything.

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle?: I think this is a nice chance to show who I really am.

Role in camp: Hopefully I will be the one who can support everyone. 

Aside from family, what will you miss the most whilst in camp? A normal bathroom, air conditioning and my bed. 

Best & worst attributes: I think my best quality is it takes a lot to hurt my feelings; but I am impatient and my family would say I get in a bad mood a lot. 

Dream camper: Nicole Kidman, she is my favourite actress in the whole wide world, or Reece Witherspoon.


Claim to fame: Made In Chelsea star and radio presenter. 

Phobias: I am not a creepy crawly guy and I hate anyone or anything touching my neck. 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle?: Since the age of 21, I’ve spent my whole life on TV and so I feel whether people have a good or bad opinion of me, it’s probably warranted!

Role in camp: I’m a ‘yes’ man so cooking, cleaning I will do whatever they want me to do. 

Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp?: I know this sounds lame but gaming. 

Best & worst attributes: I’d like to think I am the court jester and I don’t take things too seriously, so if anyone is having a bad day I would like to put a smile on their face. Worst? I am quite forgetful and I am bad at focusing on things. 

Dream camper: Stephen Fry. I think I would self-combust if he was going in the jungle! 


Claim to fame: This Morning presenter.

Phobias: Insects and I freeze every time I see a spider and I am not sure what I am going to do if I am in a trial with them! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle?: I would like people to know I am very clever at knowing useless information! 

Role in camp: Mum. I am very motherly and I also love chatting to people. 

Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp?: Getting up to blow dry my hair and putting a bit of make-up on! 

Best & worst attributes: I am an optimist and I love meeting people from all walks of life. Worst? I can be quite nosey and I am worried about my temper if I am too hungry. 

Dream camper: Dawn French, I love her. 


Claim to fame: JLS star.

Phobias: Heights. I have pulled out of a skydive with JLS in the past because I was too scared! 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: To show I am not just a member of a boy band. It will be nice for people to learn more about me. 

Role in camp: I’d like to think I will be a shoulder to cry on and a mediator. 

Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp?: My fantasy football app! I am obsessed with it! Four weeks without music is a long time, too. 

Best & worst attributes: I’ve got three children under the age of ten and you definitely need a lot of patience for that! Worst? Rochelle would probably say I get ‘hangry’ if I don’t have enough food. 

Dream camper: Paddy McGuinness – I’ve done Soccer Aid with him before and I know he’s funny, he gets stuck in and he is hands on.


Claim to fame: MasterChef star and food critic. 

Phobias: Horrible people. 

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: People think I am quite forthright and scary but I don’t think I am scary! Hopefully people will see this. 

Role in camp: Shoulder to cry on and I am a practical cook so I can help out. 

Aside from your family, what will you miss the most whilst in camp? My three cats and my make-up bag. I love a bit of glamour. 

Best & worst attributes: I would like to think I am funny! My worst quality is lack of sleep. I like my sleep. 

Dream camper: Queen Camilla. She would be very practical. And Madonna – she could perform tracks from her Greatest Hits tour! 



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