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Endoftext The official website for Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Gods Blessing on This Wonderful World. Anime film announced on Friday that a live-action film will open in Japan on February 2. The movie will open in the United States on April 10. The Japanese film will make its world premiere on this date. The films staff confirmed in a video that the film is part of the first half of the Gods Blessing on This Wonderful World project. The film will feature a main staff member from the video game, and the music will be performed by a music unit from the anime video game. Mamoru Hosada and Kensho Ono play the main characters, who are the central characters in the Gods Blessing on This Wonderful World. Rina Hidaka will play Mikaela Mihlstedt, the young girl at the Church of the God of Prophecy, the god in the game. Sakura Tange will play Maria Lenk, the priestess of the Orphanage, the god in the game. Sayaka Ohara will play Renata Mihlstedt, the godchild of Mikaela. Eri Kitamura is playing the role of the churchs priest Kalle. Yoshimasa Hosoya plays the role of the player who entered the game, and the title character. His friend Tetsuya Sakaguchi will be appearing as Taro Murata at the church. Aki Toyosaki will play the schools headmaster, and Mitsuki Yamazaki as the churchs priest Yuki. Ayahi Takagaki will play Marica Hasekura, the student council president of a school in the game. Other cast members includeThe game depicts the main characters in their daily lives in their respective cities as the school life game, and it also gives a glimpse of their future in the anime movie. The game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in October. The first film in the Gods Blessing on This Wonderful World. The film screened in Japan for five weeks in select theaters, and.

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celebrities born in 1994