Zendaya Smells Louboutin Shoe Straight Off Her Foot on Jimmy…

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I like Jimmy Hebert, he dabbles in culture too. Zendaya does, which means she has a foot fetish. This is a common fetish amongst young people, and one that she is well on her way to becoming addicted to. And Jimmy Hebert, has had a very large foot fetish for a very long time. You tell her to just leave him to his foot fetishDamn it, if you arent going to help him, fuck this, you tell her. You turn your back on this person who has been a huge part of the past few years in your life and are now in dire need of your help. Jimmy takes off with Zendaya and walks down the trail back to your home. Nothing, but I think you need to take a step back from all of this. That evening you hear yelling and screaming coming from the opposite direction of your house. You run outside to find that Jimmy and Zendaya are fighting. You dont know what the hell is happening, but you dont need to know. You jump on top of your car and fire a shot into Jimmys shoulder. While he goes down your sights are on Zendaya who is attempting to get away, but the bullet makes contact with one of the metal bars that encircles her and the car goes flying into the woods. Your bullets dont make contact with Jimmy, but they cause some sort of injury to Zendaya and her front wheel comes off. She crashes to the ground, while Jimmy is still standing. Before he can get too far though, you take out that one in the back of Jimmys leg. He falls to the ground and you shoot him three more times as he attempts to get back up. Youre not sure what happened to all four of them, but youre not getting involved in your own hunting game. You hear Zendaya scream as you shoot at her through the trees. You find Jimmy after he has killed your first target. You see blood all over his own clothing and you know he killed the other two, but you dont know what just happened to make him do it. You go homeThe thought of dragging Zendayas body off and dumping it in the woods has crossed your mind, but that sounds like the kind of thing that would make Jimmy angry. While youre sorting through the bodies for Jimmys gun, you decide that the only way to properly celebrate his victory, is to tell him. You rush inside shouting that Zendaya is dead and everyone just.

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