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Ive been watching these superman photos for days. Im having a flashback of my dad, he was in the late 70s he was a photographer for Playboy magazine, we had a large collection of his work, and this photo was on my dads work table, which I found at his office. He had this huge collection of Playboy photos, including many of the famous supermodels, and I was like WTF dad, why is this here. He said it was from years ago, he was trying to find something he could use, and that was it, Ill never know why it is here, so Ill keep it and use it as a prop in my art, I guess. Thats what makes it so awesome, there is so much information. The way they do it is so beautiful and makes the photograph that much more interesting. Im not sure why Im looking at it right now, I just cant help myself haha. I just remembered that my father was a photographer, and Im going through my dads pictures to see which of his photos I have on my mom. My grandmothers have a huge collection of his work, and when I was a kid I was obsessed with his magazine stuff, especially with his cover pictures, and the fact that he was so cool and hip and was in bed with supermodels and celebrities. To see photos of a young Michael Jackson, check out this one he did of him at the age of 6. Well, I have two of them, I think two of my friends have one of them too, but Ive seen more than a few with different names. For example, the one below, I thinks a photo of a young Diana Ross, my friend has a photo of her. I have no idea but my friend has one, he has a picture of her that I dont know from. Well I dont know but Ive seen this one for years. The US Department of Commerce announced a new plan Tuesday to support the development and global deployment of autonomous vehicle networks, a crucial part of allowing manufacturers to bring self-driving cars on American roads. The plan will help automakers develop the technology on the back end, and enable connected vehicles to communicate with public safety networks. The plan will also work with the insurance companies and their regulators to make sure that cars will work safely.

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young pictures of celebrities