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You go on about how great your life is, then a hand touches your shoulder. You say and then you feel your mind being pulled back to your present. S not difficult to guess what is going on since you know from past experiences how much they love using this tactic. A young man of average height and build stands there. The pair of them walk with you to the dining area, which is fairly sparse. It is set up with three tables and a few chairs. The pair of them tell you that they live in this house about a mile away. T had the means to up their game like you have. You and your family sit down and the man sits down at one of the table next to you, while his companion sits across from you in a chair. Re wondering if you need to make any sort of introduction or anything. The pair of them are a little silent when they first sit down though. Ve been doing it with everyone at least once at this point. T really their fault, but you wonder what this all means. Perhaps they will be over the next few hours. Whatever is going to happen, you still need to prepare yourself mentally.

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