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I guess they are saving money by just going out to eat. You continue to look at the list and start to see a pattern emerging. All you have to do is find celebrities who go the cheap route and see if you can get some of their advice or some of their help. You decide to just check the names of celebrities. You spend a few more moments looking at the list and eventually you stop. You try searching againYou head to the refrigerator and finally open the door to the back. You pull out a list and flip through it and you get to your list of celebrities. You continue to look through the list and eventually you stop. You cant remember any names off the top of your head. You head back to the living room and begin to walk over to the big TV. You stand over in the living room and grab the remote to turn off the TV. You hold it firmly in your hands as you look around the living room. You see Lisa Vanderpump standing over you. Im so sorry I didnt tell you earlier that you had a movie night coming up. Lisa walks out the front door and you hear the car door close. You finally start to remember some of the names of the other celebrities that you were looking for. You finally make out a few more names off of the list. The list seems to have a pattern emerging to some sort of cheat. You look through the list again and finally remember the name of the last celebrity that you looked for, and that is Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is currently on her fourth husband. The cheats seem to be having a negative effect on you though and you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable. Then, all of a sudden, you remember her name. You begin to walk over to Lisa Vanderpump. After all the years of searching, this is the first time youve actually found her. Lisa Vanderpump isnt living the free world life that she wants to be living in anymore. Shes having to work extra hard just to make ends meet.

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