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The only other major city close by is the capital of the state. S home, and the largest city in the state make this the most logical choice for the home of this new community. You look up and see the light of day on the horizon. You grab your pack and start getting ready. As you walk to your new house, you suddenly have an urge to visit the capital city. D really like to do is go back to the capital city and do a bit of business. Ve been living in and begin the arduous task of navigating your way through the trees to where you are going to live. Eventually you arrive at your new home. This house, or rather, town that you have chosen to live in is not the one you have seen in photos and in books. Not only is it bigger, but it appears that the buildings are all much higher than what they normally are. You see that there are plenty of trees surrounding you. Re no longer providing shade or protection for those on the ground. You can smell the dead trees even from here. There are a few people here, but there is a strange feeling of isolation about them. Re standing, you cannot help but be happy to see them, but you are also feeling a sense of unease. But you think that it would be a bad idea. Re going to find out soon enough what they think of you. You hear someone say behind you. Ll go over the details of how the town functions.

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celebrities who live in virginia