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You continueMaryland is not a place so much for doing good or even doing a lot of it. Its the home of those just on the edge, who just want to have fun for a few hours and never leave, regardless of what it costs. Plus you think the people there are just as weird as everybody else. You get outMaryland is not a place for those who want to be happy. Your days of being content being depressed are over. You are the kind of person who needs to have fun just for a few hours. You do your best to avoid the people of Maryland. And then you realize that when you moved here, you never expected to be living in a place full of crazy people. Maybe youll find a way back home. Maybe the rest of your life will make a different choice. Then you realize that you dont have many options here after all. A month of living in Maryland and youre still not used to it. You cant even afford to live in one of the houses. You start a new lifeMaryland isnt a place for those who dont need to make a change. You dont have the ability to go back and redo your old life. You cant think of anything else to do. You move into one of the houses in MarylandMaryland is not a place for those who dont have a desire to move ahead. If nothing else, you have an idea of what you want to do, but you dont know if youll be able to go for it or still able to continue living your old life. Maryland is a place that holds no room for those who are still in between. Besides, youll also be able to enjoy the houses comforts. Plus there is the cost of living in Marylands houses; its going to be cheaper than in the old place. You decide to move in one of the houses in Maryland. You new homeYou head to the house closest to where you live. The owner is friendly, but you realize that its hard to be too friendly with someone who will kick you out the moment you dont like the way they live their life. You spend the next few days at the house. The owner has said he can help you, and he seems to be more than just a friend of some sort. He even offers you some food once in a while.

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celebrities that live in maryland