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At the very least, this should give people a little more of a reason to spend their money at the bars, and they will. The rest of your job is a simple enough matter. You head to the main bar, and begin to sell this new information to your employer. You finally arrive, and are greeted by a beautiful old man with a red beard. Ve seen pictures of him in one of those old travel magazines. S probably several decades, judging from this beard and the color of his skin. I come to this island to meditate, and spend time with my wife. T you just stay on the mainland and be a normal tourist. Very good, now I just have a few things to take with me. We can go to the nearest tavern and I can spend the rest of my night there. Nah, I have so much to do right now I need to be with my wife. We got an old spirit in town to take care of. You refuse to go with HenryYou arent going with this strange guy, and he wont tell you why, so you continue along towards the ocean. Re too young to have an affair with your old spirit. T want to take advantage of my wife like that. While Henry spends his time meditating in his hut, you continue on towards the beach. One of your companions points out a little island.

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