Yasmin Finney is Happy to Be Representation for Living Life Authentically as a Young Black Trans Girl

Yasmin Finney is opening up about representation and the pressures that also come with it.

The 19-year-old Heartstopper star became an overnight sensation after the Netflix series dropped and now understands the responsibility of being representation for others.

“I think I’ve always had this mindset of being a leader and being able to navigate this world,” she told Teen Vogue. “My job isn’t over yet. This is just the beginning. There’s so much more I want to do, so many stories that need to be told, and there’s so much politics and just — ugh, there’s just so much that we need to do.”

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While she is happy to represent and be that for others, she does note it comes with a lot of pressure.

“I’m so happy that I’ve got this role to be able to, like I say, be representation, be a young Black trans girl living my life authentically,” Yasmin shared. “But it does come with a lot of pressure. It does come with all of the technical stuff: Always making sure that I’m safe, always making sure that I’m surrounded with the right people, and always making sure that I’ve got my head held high in any situation, whether that’s being misgendered on set or being misgendered in my real life.”

She adds, “I’m always making sure that I carry myself gracefully. But that’s just something I’ve always done, it’s not something that I’ve just done now because this has blown up.”

We are still awaiting some updates on the second season of Heartstopper, which has already wrapped filming.

In the meantime, you can check out a season one deleted scene with Yasmin and William Gao.

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