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I mean, you are not going to lie about something like that, so this part will probably be just as inaccurate. That night, you go on stage with your friend and pretend to be two of the most famous guys on the planet. You start a big rock and roll ode to your good friend with the entire WWE Universe. It gets to a point that you even start dancing to the music. You even have your friend close his eyes for a moment. Then, some guy wearing a T-shirt that says Nah, I dont want to see your dick comes up to you and tells you to Get the fuck out of here. Youre so angry that you drop your guitar. You go up to the guy who you think is trying to talk to you and you take his T-shirt off. You take out your dick and shove it in his face as hard and as long as you can. The whole stadium, all the other guys on stage as well as the crowd, and even some of the women in the crowd are watching this unfold. The guy says, Are you fucking for the WWE Network or what. You get up from your victim position. Youre tired of playing the victim and you want to do something about this guy, so you pull out a bat of some sort and beat the hell out of this guy by bashing his head in. You pull out one of the baseball bats youve been using and point it at his head. You run through the stadium, swinging like you just got a hit in the lineup with one out. You just happen to be looking for the guy who insulted you earlier. So why dont you go get the fuck out of here and leave me alone. You get revenge on the guyWhat the fuck are you talking about. You think that youre so great; youre the fucking man of the house. You think youre so fucking special, and youre nothing but a fucking pussy. Im going to beat your ass until youre broken. Not even crying, not even begging; Im not falling for that shit. Im going to break your goddamn goddamn neck.

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