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S not on my list of people I want to bump up against. S probably doing it because he loves you. S still the same nervous wreck he was when he came out of the van. Re still having trouble talking to a guy who has no reason to act that way. You spend your last night at the hotel getting some sleep before leaving tomorrow, and you start to get a little less anxious when you think about what the future holds. You think about what you could do to keep yourself going if and when you do finally get your truck and start on that long drive south. Well, maybe I could just go up into the hills to the east. Sounds like a great idea, you can just take a break in my truck along the way there. Well I think if we did get some water to drink. S been a dry spell since we left town a couple days ago. Re worried about staying hydrated you could always join us for breakfast. T want to eat anymore than you do.

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