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That is the best, I,cannot wait to have the privilege, as your lover. As usual, you just stare at her blankly, thinking about the choices. You you think about it some moreYou try to think about it without getting undressed or leaving. After a little while of thinking, you get a little lost, so you look for something to stay on and try to figure out something to use as a blanket. You look at a nearby blanket and grab it, holding the others in such a way that they wont see you naked. You try to think what you should do, and your hand comes to your genitals. You start touching yourself as you rub your hand, as if to reassure yourself that you are completely okay with this. You look into her eyes as you do this, and then you start to think. You have sex with herThis is so fucking strange. You mean, youve had sex with people before, but all of them were girls who didnt seem to be into you. Now you are having sex with a girl who seems to be into you. Have you been living a dream and you have really been reincarnated. You just sit there and stare at her, wondering what her deal is. You sit there for a while, unsure what to do next. Then you get a little nervous, and your hand comes to your genitals. You will be on Maxims Hot 100 list next year, I can tell you that much. You slowly look at her, and then you feel like you have been dumped. What if you hadnt found your way out of the basement. You were a loser once upon a time, and now, you are a loser twice. You will be so lucky to have me, I think you deserve it after all that you thought about me. You slowly start to get up off your couch, then suddenly she grabs your head with one of her hands. You scream the whole time, and you are left laying there with your nose pressed to the carpet. I am sure you are horny right now, so I will leave you alone for a bit. She walks away from you and looks at the screen with a bored expression. You think about it some more, then you get up to head out the door.

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who would you rather sleep with celebrities