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Ve been trying to get my act together for years. S not my job to keep up with you. Ve still never done anything interesting with my life. Talent like a lot of us have right here. John Tesh, Tommy Lee, Tommy Tutone, Chuck Berry, Rod Stewart, Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra. M just another movie star in a movie about old guys running around, not too different from these others. Re also very happy, which is rare. You look at Bruce and shake your head at him. S wife and shake your head again. Why the heck does she put up with this monster. S the one that has to do the housework and cook all the food. S the one that has to take after his dad when it comes to housekeeping and child rearing and all that shit. S the one that goes out and gets the trash picked up. Re the one that writes songs and records albums. You shake your head again and look at the pictures. Jack Benny and Jimmy Dean and Charlie Chaplin.

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