Willow Shields was born on Jin Albuquerque, New Mexico…

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She is the granddaughter of Ned Shields, founder of the Shields Music Company. Jared-shield, Autumn-shield Autumn Jared, Autumn AutumnYou shake your head at the thought. You should be doing better for yourself, and you arent. You think about Willow and how great it would be for her if she were a singer. Re already imagining yourself in her shoes. You look around and you see a lot of other people doing a lot of things. Re doing much more than others with a lot less to their names. You start thinking about your own future goals and you realize that you have very few goals. You think about the fact that your mother had to do a lot more than you ever did to get by. You think about the fact that you had to go against her wishes to go and live with your aunt and uncle. The question becomes; who are you really competing against. Ve all failed you, like youve failed them. S too late to try to change that now. T have anything to lose, so why not. T get far and then you suddenly look up. The clouds are beginning to part and you see a bright light, which you assume is your destination. T want to go through with this plan of yours. As you drive a large amount of dust comes off the car in the dust storm.

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celebrities born in 2000