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But you really hate that youve had to listen to those people whine about their lives. Your parents arent around anymore; you cant even visit them often enough. They are just the most boring human beings on this planet, and you cant stand their dull and uninspiring personalities. You dont bother to talk to themYou know, you dont need to waste time talking to these people. Thats not really what you have anything in common with anyway. You might not know how to fix the world, but you sure as hell know how to save it. And you have an ace up your sleeve that they do not. You dont even know anything about the Talons, so you need to know more than anything else. How many Talons do we have right now. You start stammering in an attempt to keep from breaking down, but a group of boys come out from under the house wearing their regular clothes. Were a group of boys that dont know where to go, so were going to help you. The place is called the Crimson Talons, and were going to help you. You notice theyre holding knives in their hands, so you think theyre about the right age for the Crimson Talons, but you dont know what theyre actually about. Yeah, Im the Talon, whats your name. That I dont know, if I were you, Id stop stammering. You continue stammering, and then start laughing. The boys stop talking to you, and one of them raises his hand to your face, pointing to the knife on your forehead.

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