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M not quite sure if you are but hey, you are a professional and you can make a decision. You could also take that as a no and stay at the place you are at now. But perhaps you are ready for the possibility of taking on the responsibility of managing an established living celebrity. S not an easy task to keep a living celebrity from damaging hisher image, selling out to the highest bidder or even dying. I mean, I know how hard it can be for a living celebrity to stay relevant and sell out to the highest bidder. I would be a living star myself if I was like them. I would imagine if you were successful at it, you. D want to get your hands on some of the stuff they give for free after the fact. M sure you can come to your own conclusion. Ll be watching and making sure you succeed. The Interview with the Dead StarThe living star in question was a celebrity from the early 70s during the golden age of Hollywood. That and his good looks and talent for singing made him the perfect star to have a movie made about him with a bunch of bumbling actors playing him, and the director Bill Cosby, and a bunch of singing chicks, and a bunch of pretty much acting bunnies, in the movie. Well, that and a film of the same name which was very successful. As the movie flops, a bunch of actors get together and try to make their own movie, a hit or miss film, based on the star. The one they pick out to play him is Jerry Lewis who doesnt want to do it, he wants to make his own movie starring himself and his wife. The star is not happy with this idea since his contract runs out shortly after this project is complete and he isnt sure you can keep him happy. Because the star wants to sell a bunch of his old movies and memorabilia on Ebay to pay for his divorce and the expenses of taking care of his sick wife. Ive never made contact with a celebrity before.

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