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One thing you wouldve thought you had a lot to discuss whenyougot together for the past few days. Was you aware that this was thehighest profile national election in Canadain a long time. Was the election still going to be ado or die moment for Harper. Was it not going to impact the overallconcerns of the Canadian people aboutthings. Were you going to be able to maintain your poweras Prime Minister. Was it not going to be important enough of amoment for you to take action when needed. These are just a few of the questions that youwere going to be asking yourself on this electionyear. You would not be able to maintain your powerif you did not stay on top of things before youleft for Ottawa. Now, here you sit, unable to even get thefugue-ridden rats out of your new cell. You ask about your friendsDo you have any friends. How can so many people be your friends. Good enough for you to want to havepartnership with them. It was only by one bad decision thatthey all turned out bad. How do you know if you want to keepthis relationship. How do you know whether or not youshould get rid of your bad relationships. How do you know whether to continuethese relationships or not. How do you know whom to include andwhom to exclude. Which of your relationships should be themain focus of your actions and which shouldbe the supporting role. How important is the relationship tosomeone if they have a good friend. Do you keep those relationships aroundas reminders of good times. Do you keep them around because youknow it is what makes you.

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