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It isnt a reality TV show, a reality TV-star, a. You do NOT have to be a celebrity to be listed on a celebrity list. It is not required that you be a celebrity, but it does help. If you do have an Instagram account, consider using it to help generate interest in your own brand. If you use the hashtag Instagramlist or your name is associated with it, youll be well on your way to an Instagram list. Aspiring, independent, and creative people who want to be featured on a list will want to create a compelling profile that makes the list editors click. Consider a professional Instagram accountThere is a difference between professional or personal accounts that provide you with exposure to a targeted audience. A professional account will give you great exposure for your brand if your business is successful and is able to draw attention to your brand. On the other hand, a personal account will not provide your brand with the same visibility, but will allow you to showcase your work and showcase your personality. Before posting photos that are professionally shot, consider using a professional account. It will keep your account professional and will help you to appear professional. If you have a personal account that you use to showcase your work, consider using a professional account as well. If you dont, you risk alienating you fans and can possibly lose your Instagram followers. Take good photosWhen taking photos for your Instagram set, take great photos. Think of the type of content you want to create. Do you want to share photos of your projects that you are working on, or will you want to share photos that are related to the topics in your personal Instagram account. Take photos related to your content that will help you with your brand. Try to use photos for each specific topic. Avoid posting photos that do not relate to your content. Create a well-designed Instagram accountYour account must be easy to use. Keep the content area clean and use simple layout. If you think that a picture of a person has a high potential to get a lot of likes, try to focus on their personality instead of their personality. Too many likes can make your account look spammy and attract unwanted attention.

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