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You awaken to the sounds of commotion down belowYou awake to hear the sounds of chaos below you. You cant help but to notice that you are still standing upright in the freezing cold. Your mind isnt on working out what could be so important that you had to put off your rest. You notice that most of the other workers are not so enthused to be woken by this noise and are looking in your direction. You start to worry that your dream may have been a sign that you were destined for greatness, but you remind yourself that dreams do not always come true. You decide to go back to sleep and the others follow your lead You head back into the machine roomThe others follow your lead, you leave the room and soon you are back in the machine room. Sinister has now come down and is holding something in his hands. You can only assume that you were wrong about the Big Jubilee lunch. He asks and he holds up something you never saw before. You say and you get closer and closer to the camera. The Big Jubilee is a big deal and I will be taking pictures of you at your Big Jubilee, but youre about to wake up and I need some pictures at the Big Jubilee. A big celebration with a lot of money and the Big Jubilee Lunch is a must. You think about your own dreams and the Big Jubilee. As you sit there thinking about your dreams, the alarm goes off and you finally head down to the cafeteria. This time you arrive very quickly and make your way to the large machine room where the Big Jubilee is being held. As much as you have always had a soft spot for the elderly, one thing that you have never liked is anyone you consider a milquetoast. You remember you have been promised a Big Jubilee, a special event where you and about 1,000 other celebrities are all given a private dinner in the large banquet hall for a million dollars, the amount that Mr. Sinister said he was going to give you. Your stomach growls loudly and you know there is only one thing to do. You go up to the machine roomYou stand up and walk over to the machine room and you see that most of.

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