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A gender-fluid person is someone whose gender is changing frequently. So, do you want to meet a gender-fluid person. No, you think youd just be lying to yourself. Youre not going to have time to deal with this issue. You could try to hide in the crowd, to avoid the stares. You could use your new skills to blend in and get a drink from the bar. The problem is, youre only fourteen years old and you dont know shit about who the fuck is around you, let alone your potential new social options. So, you decide to risk going for it anyway. You head towards the crowd, but instead of doing what you thought, you end up getting stared at like crazy. The adults who see you are a bit confused, but the kids arent so the stares end soon after and you find yourself in front of a bar, instead. After answering several questions, like What are you reading. You find that there is no cover charge for the drinks. Its not much, but its better than nothing. He doesnt really look at you at first, but then he does. He seems nice and he starts talking to you. You tell him you want a whiskey, a scotch, and a rum mixer. He starts pouring out the drinks and you look at him and ask if he will get you more drinks, but he says he doesnt really like to do deals with customers, but he should get you a mix and a scotch and bring the whiskey and rum mixer to you too. You thank him and head to your room with your drinks. You sit down and put your feet on the table and wait for the bartender to bring the drinks to you. After fifteen minutes a large man in black clothes and sunglasses returns with two bottles of liquor, a cup, and a glass. You thank him and he starts pouring the drinks. One drink for two drinks you get it. The two drinks you just ordered cost you two fives, and the mix cost you one shilling and one penny. You look at the whiskey the bartender is handing you and think you should take it from him.

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