While in Rio for the Olympic games, Usain slept with a 20-year-…

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So you give up and hang up. You just met a girl named Victoria, you had to try out her number in the hopes of getting a nice girl to come over to your room and sleep together with you, but she didnt pick up. You were about to hang up as well, but the next day you got a call from the one girl still on your list, who answered before you did. Ve been called to a party at the beach where you must be meeting at a certain time, where you might run into each other again in the near future. You arent exactly sure if that is going to involve one thing or another though. Re going to do now because you know you cant go back to Victoria. D probably be better off staying with your friend of course. But maybe you could try going out for a drink with the two of you later today. You can pick Victoria up or something. S as fun as you think, you can go over to her place to sleep together later tonight. T see the point of going out with Victoria if no one is going to be calling you with their number or hanging out with her in the future. S a gamble though, since you think you might meet her at the beach later. T want you, then maybe you should just stick with your original plan. Ve considered it, but I think I should go talk to Victoria about it right now instead. I will get the two of you on the line later, okay. S a little strange that she did that and you just hang up on her after you left a voicemail, but you figure it was all in fun.

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