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Our greatest successes have come from being our best communicators. You share my birthday with Macaulay CulkinThis is my day, this is my celebration. My birthday is not celebrated by any other human. Only the cultists who follow macaulay-culkin believe that is appropriate to share your birthday with your host. I wish I had shared my birthday with Macaulay. How awesome was it to give birth to a man who shared my exact birthday as well as my name. My baby boy was named after the man I gave birth to and thats what hell be called forever. I should really change my name to something more appropriate. You need to get Macaulay before he can find out where youre living, you need to give him my birthday present now. Choose one of the following actions: You get the Cult Information PackI have this. You buy the Cult Information PackYouve seen the benefits. You will purchase the Cult Information Pack now. You receive the Cult Information Pack: Cult of Macaulay CulkinYou receive a cultish object: An object of cultishness, d12, You gain 1d12 3 pounds of.

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