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What 25 Epic Movie Characters Have Said About Depression. The number of things youve heard and read about depression are almost endless and the list continues. The problem is, though, you havent really gotten to know you when you had depression. Youd like to think your experience has shaped the way you view life and the world, but in a sense you dont really know. The only way for you to really find out is to go through depression yourself. Its a frightening thought, but then again youve always been frightened of heights, heights that youve never been able to adequately experience. This might be one of the few times where the fear of heights actually is a greater fear of yours than the abyss. Youll have to give up on the idea of going up and instead decide to go up. The idea is the same as always; you need to get out of the basement and into the sky. You decide to go out to the parking lot, where your car is sitting. The last time you took this route, you had a plan in mind, however it was before the snowstorm, and the storm never ended or even became light. Youve no idea if the parking lot will be any safer. As you drive out, the wind is already howling through the branches. The sky is dark, the branches are all but covered with ice, and the snow has piled up to the point of making driving any more dangerous. Youve never been a fan of the cold, so you pull up to a house and park. Im so sorry, you say to the mother of the house. Youve never been able to get that one, but the name rings familiar and you think it might be Christine. Im sorry, but I cant let you come with me. You stand there, trying to convince yourself that this isnt really what you want to do, but its not like youve got many other choices. You could go out into the storm with her, and you could spend the rest of your lives wondering what might have been.

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