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If theyre not covering up their head, theyre goingall out for the big screen. Hollywoods guys are the only people on earth who can save earths illegals. First of all, you know whats worse than being in a movie that makes you laugh and makes you cry. When the movie doesnt contain a single red-headed character, or when theres a red-headed character in it, whos only purpose is to give the person watching the movie a headache. Theres no point in trying to be funny if the character doesnt add anything to the story. Now I know that when most of you were watching that movie about redheads saving the world, you may have been thinking, Those people are so red-headed. Well Im here to tell you that wouldnt have been me. I was thinking because I could relate, and I was thinking, Ill relate to them a little, because theyre similar to me, and Im probably the only redheaded person in my family. Now Im sorry to say that you may have had a little too much of that at first, but Im here to tell you that youre going to have to move on. RICH GREEN THUMBS ARE THE MOST HAPPY THINGS IN THE WORLD. Now theres no point in me explaining to you all the benefits of red hair, or the advantages of having red hair if youre already aware of that information. So Im just going to tell you this, and trust me, its going to be one of the best things youre going to hear today.

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