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AFFECTED ETHNICITIESNEW YORK CITY – WHERE RACES AND AFFECTED ETHNICITIES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO EAT SAFE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO EAT SAFE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO EAT SAFEWith your eyes, you see a long line of faces. One of them is a blonde haired man with long, black hair. Another one you recognize is a man whom you dont know. You look at the sign, and then at the man in front of you with a mixture of frustration and irritation. You are in a crowded area, and you are the only person who is not clearly a celebrity having a meal here: You tell the guy in front of you to go awayYou tell the man, Go. To which he looks at you with an unseeing stare. You look at him again, and he looks back at you. You are not even sure whether he was looking at you when you first saw him. You turn your head just enough that he notices its you who is speaking to him. I need to go, you say, realizing that you have no other reason to be here. He looks surprised, but doesnt question you. I need to go, you tell him, I must be off. Im sorry, but I must ask you to please go. It will be a waste of my energy if you dont stay, so leave. You leave the tableYou take a deep breath, and then you leave the table. The man looks after you, and he gives you a confused look. It is only in that moment that you begin to appreciate the fact that you are in a crowded city. Its not just you, but a million other people who arent celebrities having a meal and enjoying it. There is the man on the right in a business suit, and the woman on the left in a short skirt. The man is older than the woman, and the woman is younger than the man.

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where to spot celebrities in nyc