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You check out the Red Rocker ClubIt might have always been a joke that L. Maybe the people in the burbs wanted to stay in the old country while the people in the city got high and party. A however, there are still places that you can have a good time and find a different sort of LA. One of those places is Red Rocker Club, which is a place that is open 24 hours and has great music, even if you dont get high. The Red Rocker Club is about as far back as you want to go when seeking out high society type types. You pass through the main gate of the club and enter the main lobby. The main bar area is decorated in high tech disco lighting, with a large stage set up on the left side of the room. It is here that the club has been called to your attention. The club is fairly small, which is not surprising. The floor space is just large enough for the stage, a bar, booths for dancing and a DJ booth. There is also an upstairs area that isnt currently used that has a larger dance area and a small stage as well. The Red Rocker Club is one of the better sized clubs in that regard. Of the people you see on the dance floor, the place is more crowded than the place in question at the Theatre at Ace, but not as congested. Of the people you see, the Red Rocker Club attracts the largest crowd. You see two of the people you were speaking with earlier sitting on the dance floor and talking to each other. I gotta say, its a lot like the Theatre at Ace, Dan says. Tina takes the shot and you get the hint. Well anyway, thats all the time weve got, so I guess we should get rolling, you say and head back to your booth. Youre not really sure what to expect here. You were at the Ace, but it was a big party and you didnt see a bunch of people sitting here with this decor. You walk into the DJ booth and try to make yourself more at home. Its a place thats used to hosting different types of events, but this is a rock and roll type of club. It seems like theres going to be a lot going on here. Suddenly everyone stops talking and people take their eyes off the dance floor for a moment. A big sign in the center of the room catches everyones attention, the sign reads:PLEASE TURN AROUND YOUR RADIOIt seems like everybody just noticed this.

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where do celebrities hang out in l.a