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Remember the New Found Glory of the early 2000s. All of these things are reminders to the times we lived in and lived the times we lived. You then turn back around and see him staring at you. You notice hes now staring at his hand, which is now touching his nose. He tries to wipe his nose, but its not working. Look, lets try something else, you say. You lean further in and put your lips against his, giving him a peck on the lips. It must be the only thing thats left in your life thats worth anything. You immediately feel numb, but thats the least of your problems. Youre not supposed to be doing that, he says. You should be the one doing that, if you were still in the game. But this will probably get you some kind of response. I cant tell if youre just pulling my leg or not. I guess well find out soon enough, you say. You pull back quickly, seeing his face and realizing hes a vampire, while his face contorts into a look of anger. He throws your body against the wall violently. Your hands clench and you prepare for the worst. His claws dig into your shoulders and you feel two fangs enter your flesh in one swift slash. The force of the blow sends you reeling and you feel the blood draining from your body. You see the blood drain from his arms, and his face twists into an ugly scowl. He looks at your face one last time and then bites you. You bleed outYou fall to your knees as your face and neck begin to tear apart. You dont see the end, but you see nothing, with a single eye looking out and empty. You bleed out, as two fangs tear through your flesh. As your blood starts to run out you hear a loud, deep voice call.

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