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They still look the same, but, if they everever got their picture shopped, which they probably will, theyll probably look a whole lot younger than they do in real life. The man goes on, as if his own youthful face is somehow more innocent that a celebrity. The woman looks at the man and then at her husband, who is still watching her expressionlessly. But, you said that you were going to a childs birthday party. Why would the celebrity, Gosling, be an appropriate adult to pose in a similar way for. You say I want a picture with DiCaprio, and a few other well-known people as well. Thats not necessary, The woman says, and turns to go outside. The door is closed, and the couple is now in your house. The man still stands in front of you, as if the door is some sort of danger. I just need a few pictures with famous people that I would like to be seen with as a child, She says. But, if you wanted to pose with the Gosling, then thatd cause you more grief than anything else,She shrugs. I dont think it matters in the grand scheme of things. Shes out the door now, and while you think shes going to leave, she doesnt. She comes into your living room, into your bedroom, and into your bed. Its a strange, lonely sensation, and you feel you dont want to be here. I dont think you should be out there. I mean, I know you said youre not going to hurt me, but I really feel scared out here. We should be able to get pictures with famous people, The woman says. And if all else fails, you can always hide under my bed. The woman has a small voice, but she makes a good point. You sit on the bed and begin to take off your shirt. As you do, your hands begin to shake. You grab the back of your head and you go down. You try to stand back up, and you fall again.

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celebrities as kids