When we look at celebrities, we sometimes forget that they arent superhumans, and …

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SighYou leave the gallery and head up to the next room. You run to the source of the voice and get closer to it. Ve gone from a small town in Missouri to the whole country. You can see far into the distance and hear all kinds of noises and voices. You also see all sorts of things in that distance as well. You can see a gurney sitting on the bed and a large piece of white paper is tied around the gurney. A man with a red sweater and a black suit stands in front of you. S dressed in scrubs and looks very professional in appearance. T quite tell whether he is bald, has short hair, or has both. He sits down on the bed and looks at you. Robert Newman here to see you about your baby boy. S talking about a lot of different medical things. Most of that information you know such as what a baby looks like and the basic structure of a person such as gender, age and all that sort of thing. This doc is really speaking in riddles rather than plain language. T need a doctor telling you that, you figured it out. This doc could just be deluding you in an attempt to make you feel something. D rather just get out of here. This doc is just trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

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celebrities as babies