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You you do not use your hands when Taking Selfie with your hands. He reacts to your Photographic Obligatory Behavior. Youre not ugly, youre not hideous, and you neednt hide the fact that you like makeup and dont have any reason to complain about it. This is just a personal preference, and so you go ahead and make another. Two days after posting the first three, six comments come in. You realize that as much as you hate the comments, youre in the minority. Im going to be honest, I dont like makeup either. I have bad acne since I was a little girl and I never liked wearing it. Then I went through puberty at a much younger age and I developed body issues and as you can see Im not as skinny anymore. I always felt awkward wearing makeup, it just gave me a weird feeling and it made me feel like a fake and I dont feel that way anymore. I used to look at pictures on my phone of other people doing it and then Id think They must not be that beautiful because Im not. But recently while I was doing this I looked at my phone for a moment and saw you, and I realized that I am so ugly and I dont care, I dont care about looking pretty or being pretty.

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