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My family is, the best estates, I,m;,done, I,m. Colorado, where,m-living, love, The Real World, love, the real world. Aspen-COlove the real world love, love, love, love, love the world. You dont tell anyoneUgh, this was such a stupid idea. This really was the dumbest thing youve ever done, but you feel like you NEED to let others know about this place that you grew up in, even if you just made it up. The place you grew up in was an Aspen, Colorado. It was also the Birthplace of Rock N Roll, and you lived there for 15 years. A lot has changed, but some things havent. You still think that the town is pretty cool, but you have never actually been there. In the last two years that you lived there, you had a bunch of other people visit and tell everyone what Aspen was like. All of these people were nice enough, but none of them were very believable. This wasnt like when you first moved to Colorado from Illinois fifteen years ago. Most of the people that you told about Aspen were from Hollywood, where there had really not been that many celebrities. In fact, there were only a few who actually lived there in the town. The more people that knew about Aspen, the more they all seemed to change a bit.

Post about Celebrities who live in colorado

celebrities who live in colorado