When did the Cambridges begin planning this weeks two-day trip to Scotland?

The artists formerly known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Incandescent Bald and Call Me Buttons – are being sent to Wales at some point during the four-day Jubbly weekend. We learned that on Sunday, and it absolutely read like a tit-for-tat, with Bald & Buttons getting one thing they wanted (a balcony without the Sussexes) and one thing they didn’t (a day trip to Wales, all while the Sussexes hang out with Charles and the Queen). As it turns out, Bald and Buttons are also being sent to Scotland. This week! It was some kind of Keen Emergency.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading off around the UK after announcing two exciting new trips. It has been revealed that later this week, they will head north of the border to spend two days in Scotland. Meanwhile, during the bumper bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the pair will be spending some of it in Wales.

Their engagements in Scotland will take place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and will see them focus on the topic of mental health. They will visit the University of Glasgow, where they will chat with students about they managed their mental health during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prince William will make a solo visit to Hearts Football Club in Edinburgh to hear about the ‘Changing Room’ programme, which uses football as a vehicle to help men aged 30 to 64 talk about their mental health.

Also in Scotland, both William and Kate will go to Kennishead to see how the Wheatley Group is helping the homeless and disadvantaged.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Okay, this sounds like it’s less about the Jubbly and more like standard busy work for William and Kate. The only thing suspicious is that the trip sounds very sudden, almost like it was thrown together over the weekend… soon after Prince Harry confirmed that he and his family would visit. William and Kate wanted to look busy and important. Plus, it’s been clear since their Caribbean Flop Tour that it will be a while before they’re sent outside the UK. There will be no “overseas” tours for months, probably. It’s hilarious to me that it really just took Harry confirming his family’s presence in a matter of weeks to send Will and Kate into a flurry of keen planning.

I hope this Scottish trip goes better than their last two Scottish trips. Their trip to Scotland just before Christmas 2020 was a complete disaster, with Bald and Buttons breathing all over children in a pandemic, Scottish people calling the cops on them and Nicola Sturgeon being formally displeased with their presence. There were even Scottish commentators blasting William and Kate and saying that their stupid Covid Choo Choo Tour would end up hastening Scottish independence. Then Bald and Buttons went to Scotland last year and William looked disgusted with Kate during every event! It was ridiculous.

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