When celebrities end up killing someone, it always ends up …

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Some of them died from drunk driving or even drunk driving and driving after drinking. Some of them died from car accidents, but usually by accident. You dont die todayYou arent going to die today. There is no such thing as today, its always tomorrow, next month, next year, next life. Plus, these are just rumors and even if they are true, whos to say theyre going to kill you when youre just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus, even the rumors arent that likely to happen, but you cant relax until you know for sure. You stand up and go back to your hotel room, but instead of going back to your room, you go to the one your friend left in while your room is closed, after going through the lobby, you return to your room. While youre in the room, you look around: you had forgotten that you have a TV in your room. The only thing you see on the TV screen is one of those news programs. The reporter is talking about someone breaking into the building. You dont know who this is about though, in fact, you dont even remember this building having a front desk. Suddenly, the camera goes to another angle, showing the front desk in full view. You smile while your eyes are full of joy. Yeah, I heard that you died, so I came back to say hello they say while taking the news program away from you. You get a feeling of unease in your heart and you sit down on the chair in front of you and close your eyes. Is what you ask when you open your eyes. It was just a peaceful night and I thought that I would go see the last moments of someone who I remember very well you say while you sit back in the chair. You dont know when you started to feel something in your mind. Maybe it was when you had to leave the city and walk along the street. Or maybe you were just having a bad day and everything was going bad for you. Hey, you remember that night you said you met this man. That thing that took you to a very strange place.

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celebrities that have killed