When a celebrity is diagnosed with or dies from cancer, it tends …

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Of course no one can ever be trusted. The newsroom is pretty much a hive of scum and villainy these days, what with all the gossiping, I say, trying to keep my tone normal. Its almost like we have a liberal bias in the newsroom. I cant believe we found out about that, when we really didnt see a trend. Well, we can start by having more people with newsroom experience. The newsroom should never be filled by unqualified nobodies who get promoted for their popularity. Ive been here ten years and Ive never known any newsroom to have that problem. Besides, some news people are just going to have more access that others. If not them, then someone else, maybe even another news room. Or at least a news room that has a more balanced outlook on things. You know, its very rare for a newsroom to have multiple views on the same issue. I think thats how things work at your newspaper. You have a news, a sports, a business section and more. Youre not supposed to be so biased and you shouldnt be either. I guess, but its still better than the rest of the newsrooms and its more than what Ive ever heard of at other papers. Well, we need people now, not tomorrow, you say. I think we also need more writers. You think about it, but then you realize that you probably should get rid of some of the people who werent in the newsroom before. By the end of your first day youve got everybody you need. You cant possibly lose talent in this manner. You get new members, you get them on a first come, first served basis and you get them in the newsroom. You have a few people who you havent had time to hire yet, but then you have a lot more people on other jobs, so you dont have to be too picky about them. Its called The Story of Your Life and its a special edition. You cant show it to everybody yet because.

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celebrities who have died from cancer