What we know from recent celebrity departures is that they are …

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I know, you can see that it is going to be a very busy year. I also know that some celebrities are going to die, and it should be a good year for some of you. Ll be able to enjoy the time you have with your family before it all ends. T stand watching her make that annoying sound that she does. Re going to give her a lesson you will never forget. You turn away from the living room and head towards the kitchen. When you get there, the living room is a complete mess with shattered glass, the couch is broken and laying on the floor, and there is actually a human skull on the floor. You give her a quick kiss on her cheek and stand up. I got your message, I got your message. You open the door to the bedroom and see a bloody mess. The bed itself is covered in blood, and you see a bloody axe embedded in one of the pillows. S body is sprawled out on the bed, and you also see her blood covering the floor. You put a hand on her chest and feel a pulse, but no blood is coming out. You open the fridge and find a bottle of wine in it. T recognize the contents, though, so you take it. S two liquids in the vat under the bottle.

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celebrities will die soon