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You are not one of the 50You think about what the DL Committee is saying, about some of the people on it, like Tom Cruise, and wondering if they are right about the things they are saying. You look at the calendar and realize you have a year to live, and the things you should be doing. You remember what the DL Committee has said about you though, so you decide you cant be one of the 50 and you should at least write to people in your own group to let them know about the good news of how you are going to live. You go to your personal computer and enter the same email addresses you use to get mail from people you email about the DL. You email yourself a very short note that says something like:Dear First Name,Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Im going to try to live to be one year older too, and Im grateful that the DL Committee has decided that I need a year to live, because if Im among the 50 who die, you know what theyre going to do. Theyre going to have me declared dead two years early. So Im writing to let you know that you should all go on living as usual, because I feel that I still got something to contribute to this group. You send this email and then return to your computer to update the list of people youve email-invited into your group. In all you spend an hour updating everyones email addresses. When you come back to the computer, it says that you are now a member of the Death List. You will enjoy your one year to live. You open your inbox and see a very long email from a woman, and its just getting longer. She is very concerned about something and wants to tell you everything right now. I just had a daughter at birth and she is an addict and she is dying. You spend the rest of the day trying to find your way out of some of the more esoteric things shes written to you about, like what exactly does a person have to do to be put on the death list, and why there are eight letters to the left of your name when there are only three letters above it. She gives you a list of a dozen things that she thinks are in jeopardy as a result of your inclusion on the Death List, and that you should be doing to save your life. You try not to dwell on any of the risks that are being mentioned to you, and instead you just focus on trying to take care of what needs to.

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