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If a person or thing achieves, they become famous, especially in areas of entertainment such, music, writing. So in a more-or-less, technical-sense, celebrity refers to something that, usually, involves people. In the three of them who are alive, he has the most pictures and stories told about him, both positive and negative. One of his albums is probably the most popular album in the history of popular music. He has his own film and has written a few books, none of which really have any effect on anything except the fact that they make him seem like a very interesting person. As the only black person in this group, he is almost always the subject of racist remarks from white people. The group is also generally very privileged in the sense that they have it good in more ways than one. You get rid of himFuck this asshole, you can deal with two black people in this fucking neighborhood. Hes been a problem since before you moved to the area, which is when the other four moved in. You figure even if you get a restraining order, hell probably never leave you alone again. You leave himYour anger is too great for words. You do not give him a second glance, and you drive away to a different part your neighborhood. You dont know where, you just dont care if there was a black guy on your block. You are still angry, but you make something up to deal with this asshole the next day. You decide that it is best to forget about this guy, since hes not worth the trouble anymore. So you dont think about him, but you do think about the guy in the office who got fired the week before. You dont like the way he was so ungrateful, like he didnt even thank him while he was working there. Your anger is increasing, and you have nothing to blame but your own feelings. You do not want to deal with the next person who will get rid of you, so you dont get angry for the rest of the week. The week passes, and you work at the same job you were before, and.

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