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In this case, there aren t any actual facts except for his own. Thats not the kind of knowledge a president should know. Thereby, you decide not to inform her. You leave the room and make a mental note that youre definitely going to make her suffer for her actions. A few days later, you find out that the President was actually right. You see the party has been infiltrated by several reptilians. Some dressed as circus clowns and act like freaks, while others use their minds to control the rest of the carnies and turn them all into freaks. There is one big problem with such a large gathering. S being controlled by several different reptilians. You whisper to yourself and draw your weapon. You shoot a couple of reptilian individuals in their hands before grabbing a few of the bigger ones to restrain them. You attempt to reason with them, but they ignore you. You then have to kill another one to continue your control over the rest. Eventually, several of the freaks manage to break free and the entire place begins to become chaotic. You need to get the hell out of here while you can and see if you can find a job again. Before you leave, you take a look around. T too many ways out of here so you decide to try and find the nearest carnival. You find one and start to search for the other carnies.

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what hollywood celebrities are reptilian