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The problem is that you are NOT rich, and you dont plan on being one day. It is not clear whether your article has been the first of many to come out of Hollywood. As you sit in your empty office, staring at the piles of shredded legal documents that are your sole possessions, you are overwhelmed with a feeling that would be nearly impossible to describe. The moment you moved to Malibu, your life took a new turn away from the bright lights of the city. You had to leave the world behind, to move somewhere that would be a more peaceful environment for you and your future children. The idea of moving to Malibu was what convinced you to give up your job, the one thing you could not stand about it. It doesnt feel right to be here, it feels wrong. You would have thought that there would be a way of changing this; that when it comes to these things that you would be able to take out a loan and buy yourself a mansion and live out your days in a secluded idyll. But you never once thought that you would have to make such a difficult choice. The house you were born and raised in, despite its flaws. The house that you grew up with, and the family you grew up with. It would be too dangerous to move out, and to be honest, you dont quite have the money to do it. The sun is setting, still as bright as it was when you first went to sleep. You give upIt is difficult to stay awake. It is not the brightest idea in the world, but it is the only path of escape. Even if you get the money, it wont be enough to do what you want to do. You turn your gaze away from the darkness, and onto the night. You take your bags, and you put them in your car. You dont know; you will have to come up with that idea. As you drive home, the streets are empty and silent. You take the busA bus does sound like a better idea.

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what does net worth mean for celebrities